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East Yorkshire Coaches holidays and day trips coronavirus (Covid-19) update

Updated 23/07/2021


2021 coach holidays & city breaks

Holidays are back for 2021 - our focus will always be on keeping our passengers and colleagues safe.  Remember: do not travel if you are unwell.


How are things different to usual?


Face coverings

These are required, unless medically exempt, throughout the whole journey, including when boarding, alighting and while travelling. We advise passengers bring along a number of cloth coverings which are comfortable for longer periods of time, bearing in mind they should be changed and washed regularly. The driver will carry spare face coverings for anyone who forgets to bring one – let them know before you board the coach.


Social distancing

We’ve reduced the capacity on coaches to allow for more space on board and passengers should only sit with those from the same household or bubble. Passengers keep the same seat for the full holiday, and these are pre-booked. Booked seats may change to allow for social distancing – please check with the driver when boarding. It is the passenger’s responsibility to follow social distancing rules throughout the holiday, including at the hotel and on any excursions. Social distancing measures may change based on current government guidance.


Extra cleaning

We have enhanced cleaning on all our coaches, with each being fully disinfected using anti-viral fogging before every holiday. Touchpoints and hard surfaces on the coach will be cleaned regularly throughout the holiday.


Hand sanitiser

We have hand sanitiser on our coaches and ask passengers to use this when boarding and alighting. Good hygiene is important, so passengers should bring their own personal hand sanitiser with them to use during the holiday, as well as washing their hands for 20-seconds with soap and water whenever possible.


Door to door pick-ups

We’ll follow the guidance on numbers of households/bubbles in taxis and private hire vehicles for the free door to door pick-ups on our longer holidays. You should wear a face covering during this time – this driver may not carry spares. If you prefer to make your own way to the coach meeting point, just let us know. These details are confirmed 7-14 days before departure but may change if guidelines are amended during this time.


What if restrictions change?

These measures will be in place until they can be relaxed. We’ll always follow the guidance from the government and local authorities, so the information given may change. We’ll respond based on the guidance and update passengers as quickly as possible. This may mean restrictions ease but they may also become stricter.


Should I have travel insurance?

Yes, we advise all passengers to travel with adequate travel insurance. When buying your travel insurance, check carefully what is covered. We do not sell travel insurance with our holidays.


Before booking, please read the Covid-19 supplement to the Bonded Coach Holidays Trading Charter, which can see seen here.


Coach days away


Coach days away are now operating and we are encouraging all passengers to wear face coverings for the full journey to help keep everyone safe.  We look forward to welcoming you back on board.