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· All customers, where possible, must be in possession of a valid travel ticket which has been issued by the Company in accordance with its terms of trade.

· For those who are unable to provide a printed copy of a travel ticket, an electronic version will be acceptable. If this is not available, proof of identity may be required.

· Tickets may be requested by the driver or company official on boarding or at any time during the excursion and must be shown on request.

· Where tickets have been bought at a concessionary rate proof of the entitlement to that concession may be requested.


Late arrival

At initial pickup point

· In the interests of all other customers the coach will not wait indefinitely for late customers, however before departing the pickup point efforts will be made to contact the customers by any contact number available to the driver.

On the return journey or any mid points

· Where a customer fails to return to the coach, by the time announced by the driver, attempts will be made to contact the customer by any contact number available to the driver. If contact is not possible then the coach will wait for a maximum of 15 minutes before departing.

· In the case of missed journeys the Company will not be liable for any costs incurred by the customer.


Seat allocation

· Where travel tickets show an allocated seat number those seats must be used. Where no seat numbers are allocated, such seat numbers do not exist or the layout significantly differs due to change of vehicle to that advertised then the seats used should be agreed with the driver. In the event of a dispute the driver will determine the final seating allocation.

· After the final pick up point has passed, customers may if they wish to do so, move seats to any that have not been allocated to another customer.


On board

· All coaches are strictly none smoking including any sort of vape or e-cigarette.

· For the safety of customers seat belts should always be worn where provided.

· Depending on the length of the journey, comfort breaks may or may not be included. Any requests for comfort breaks will be entirely at the discretion of the driver.

· On the majority of trips onboard toilet facilities are provided. We would request that if used they are kept clean for the benefit of other customers. The Company does not guarantee availability of an onboard toilet.

· On board temperature control is difficult to maintain at an acceptable level for every customer. It is advisable to carry some form of clothing that can be worn in the event of the coach not being warm enough.

· In the majority of cases it will be acceptable to leave personal items on the coach during the trip but the Company cannot accept liability for lost or stolen items. Other than those found after the excursion which will be dealt with under the Company’s lost property procedures.


Admission / ticketed events

· Unless stated, all travel tickets will include admission where appropriate.

· Where trips require admission/event tickets to be shown individually by the customer these will be handed out by the driver at some point on the outward journey. Where an event ticket provides a specific seat number at the venue these cannot be changed other than between individual members of the same group.



· In the event of the customer cancelling, and having paid in full, the following scale of charges will apply – when the cancellation is…


…more than 28 days before the excursion date

No charge

…between 7 & 28 days before the excursion date

£2.00 per person

…less than 7 days before the excursion date

50% of total price

…less than 2 days before the excursion date

100% of total price


· Additionally, for cancellations within 28 days of the excursion date, where event tickets are included that cannot be returned to the ticket supplier the full cost of ticket will be charged. If the Company can resell any or all of the cancelled tickets then a subsequent refund will be made to the customer to the value of the resold tickets.



· The Company/driver reserves the right to refuse entry to the vehicle if the driver has reasonable cause to believe that the customer is under the influence of drugs or excessive alcohol or due to their behaviour may put their own or others safety at risk or spoil the enjoyment of the excursion for other customers. In these circumstances the customer will not be entitled to any refund.